Lucas H4 Bulb Kit LLZ108 - 14 Pieces

Part Information

This emergency bulb kit is not model specific and some of the content might not suit your bike (please note the headlight bulb is correct for your model)
Please make sure to check the content listed below and you are happy with it before purchasing:
1x Standard H4 bulb P43T 12 volt 60/55W
2x B15S bulb 12 volt 5w
1x BA9S bulb 12 volt 4w
1x 10mm capless 12 volt 3w
1x 5mm capless 12 volt 1.2w
2x BAZ15D 12 volt 21/4w
1x BA15D 12 volt 21w
1x BAU15S 12 volt 21w
1x SV7-8 12 volt 5w
1x 10 amp blade fuse
1x 15 amp blade fuse
1x 20 amp blade fuse