VOR MX 530 (530cc) 03-04 Chain DID Super Heavy Duty Spring Link [AB6714]

The picture below shows a Chain DID Super Heavy Duty Spring Link. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

VOR MX 530 (530cc) 03-04 Chain DID Super Heavy Duty Spring Link

DID Chain Links

FJ Press-Fit Connecting Link

A clip-type connecting link with a light press-fit construction which gives higher fatigue strength than a slip-fit link while still retaining much of the convenience. It requires more pressure to fit than a slip-fit link, but can still be fitted with a pair of pliers as opposed to special riveting tools required for a rivet link.
No spring link can attain the strength of a rivet link and the FJ spring link has approximately 65% strength of the other links in the chain. However where a rivet link is not feasible then a press-fit link may be used.

DID highly recommends that where possible, a rivet link should be used for any sealed (O-Ring or X-Ring) chains.

Press-fit side plates must be pressed on with long-handled, adjustable pliers. Do not attempt to hammer the side plate into position: this can cause stress to the connecting link and cause it to break while in use.


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Chain DID Super Heavy Duty Spring Link [AB6714]
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