Suzuki GN 400 TT 80 Tacho Cable by Slinky Glide [AC4511]

The picture below shows a Tacho Cable by Slinky Glide. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

Suzuki GN 400 TT 80 Tacho Cable by Slinky Glide

Slinky Glide Cables

Slinky Glide cables are made to last - not only are they oiled with a dust and cold resistant compound, but the polyimide lining further protects the inner cable from friction against the outer cable and metallic components. This makes Slinky Glide superior to many other pattern cables that may rust or wear prematurely.

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Tacho Cable by Slinky Glide [AC4511]
$ 22.63 Information Part Information
Cable is 60cm Internal Thread is 11mm External Thread is 17.6mm