Suzuki DR 125 SEX/SEY 99-01 Battery Kyoto [AC7650]

The picture below shows a Battery Kyoto. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

Suzuki DR 125 SEX/SEY 99-01 Battery Kyoto

Maintenance Free Batteries

A Maintenance Free battery should never require topping up with more acid.

For more information and to maximize the life of your new battery, Wemoto provides installation and care guides for all types of batteries:

All batteries naturally discharge slowly when not in use, and a vehicle with an immobiliser can hasten this process. We recommend that if your battery is not in use, that you remove it from your vehicle and keep it on an intelligent charger to keep it happy and healthy.


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Battery Kyoto [AC7650]
$ 47.67 Information Part Information
Maintenance free Dimensions 110L x 70W x 130H will fill up, charge and test the battery before dispatching it to its retail customers.
This service is only applicable to UK retail.
Please allow 24 hours before dispatch.