Kawasaki KLE 500 A1 91 Rear YSS Z-Series Monoshock [AC9853]

The picture below shows a Rear YSS Z-Series Monoshock. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

Kawasaki KLE 500 A1 91 Rear YSS Z-Series Monoshock
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YSS Top Line Z shocks are developed to cope with the growing demand for high performance gas shocks. Teflon coated Sinter DU Bushes and heat treated hard chromed shafts are used to make this precision shock.

The YSS Top Line Z rear monoshock features:

  • Self adjusting emulsion gas shock for a quicker reaction and better predictably
  • Thread spring preload
  • Rebound adjustable to control how fast the shock springs back after being compressed

All YSS shocks come with a two year warranty.


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Rear YSS Z-Series Monoshock [AC9853]
$ 585.88 Information Part Information

Measurements: Length 385mm, Top 12x32mm, Bottom F.30x15mm.
YSS offers a full 2 year warranty on all shock absorbers.
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