Kawasaki H1-B 71 Tapered Headrace Bearing Set (By All Balls USA) [AC8312]

The picture below shows a Tapered Headrace Bearing Set (By All Balls USA). Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

Kawasaki H1-B 71 Tapered Headrace Bearing Set (By All Balls USA)
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All Balls Tapered Headrace Bearings

On models with tapered original steering head bearings All Balls heavy duty tapered bearings function as a high quality direct replacement.

Tapered Bearing

On models that originally took ball-type steering head bearings, All Balls tapered bearings can be used as an upgrade. Ball-type bearings have tiny points of weight-bearing contact area, which means that ball type bearings have a much shorter lifespan than a tapered bearing, where the weight is spread across the long surface of a cylindrical roller. In addition, tapered bearings are far easier to install and do not have the issue of over or under-tightening of the original uncaged bearing design which could cause handling problems.

All Balls tapered steering head/headrace bearing kits contain the upper and lower bearing and seals where appropriate.


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Tapered Headrace Bearing Set (By All Balls USA) [AC8312]
$ 69.07 Information Part Information

Kit Contains 4 parts:
2 Seals
2 x 30x48x13mm Tapered Bearings