Kawasaki ER-6 F DBF (ABS) 11 DID VX3 Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain and JT Sprocket Kit [AG4506]

The picture below shows a DID VX3 Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain and JT Sprocket Kit. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

Kawasaki ER-6 F DBF (ABS) 11 DID VX3 Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain and JT Sprocket Kit
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Chain and Sprocket Kit


  • DID 520 VX3 Heavy Duty Drive Chain - Standard Length
  • JT Front Steel Sprocket - Standard Tooth Size
  • JT Rear Steel Sprocket - Standard Tooth Size

A rivet link is included with the drive chain

DID 520 VX3 X-Ring Chain

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength Colour
18.70 10.22mm 2.0mm 1.52kg per 100 links 36.5KN Grey

DID's VX3 Chain uses patented low-friction X-ring seals, which keep lubrication and dirt out. They provide superior protection against dirt than an O-ring chain while producing less friction and thus less power loss.

DID's X-ring chains have 40% greater wear resistance than DID's O-ring chain and 25 times that of the DID standard chain. With the correct maintenance, an X-ring chain will last longer than an O-ring or unsealed chain.

DID's VX3 chains feature new 'Direct Energy Transfer', which provides excellent throttle response due to an increased chain rigidity.

JT Sprockets

JT is the best selling aftermarket sprocket in the world. Using the finest raw materials and cutting-edge technology in production, CNC computer design and precision machining, JT ensures maximum durability and performance.

JT front sprockets are made with SCM420 chromoly steel alloy, while the rear sprocket is manufactured with ultra-durable high-carbon C49 steel.

Fitment and Maintenance Advice

DID 520 VX3 drive chains are always supplied 'open' with a rivet link (included). You will need a specialised tool in order to rivet the chain, or take it to a mechanic who can do it for you. A spring link is available, but a spring link has only 65% of the strength of a rivet link and therefore, a rivet link is always recommended.
It is important to periodically inspect and lubricate the chain to maximise chain life.

Workshop tools and consumables

Rivet Tools

Chain Lube


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DID VX3 Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain and JT Sprocket Kit [AG4506]
$ 210.59 Information Part Information
Supplied with rivet link and spring link.
It is recommended to fit the rivet link and only use the spring link for emergencies.