Kawasaki KX 500 E8 96 Clutch Friction Plate Set - Gecko [AC6837]

The picture below shows a Clutch Friction Plate Set - Gecko. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

Kawasaki KX 500 E8 96 Clutch Friction Plate Set - Gecko
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Gecko Motorcycle and ATV Clutch Friction Plate Sets

These top quality friction plates are manufactured in Taiwan to original equipment standards, but while Gecko clutch plates bite just as hard as the original equipment parts, they don't bite your wallet as severely.

Gecko kits contain all the clutch friction plates required to rebuild to the original clutch specification and can be fitted with the original steel plates, basket, inner hub, springs and pressure plate.

Clutch installation recommendations

  • These clutch friction plates are manufactured from a cork based material similar to the original equipment, and we recommend they are soaked in oil before installation.
  • New clutch plates should be installed by a competent, qualified professional with the required tools.
  • It is best to fit new clutch springs each time a clutch is changed due to heat fatigue of the old springs.

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Clutch Friction Plate Set - Gecko [AC6837]
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